Quinola Mothergrain Fairtrade Organic Express Quinoa Pearl & Red 250g
Pearl & Red Quinoa: Enjoy the delicately nuttier flavour of Red Quinoa. Use me as a base for a wholesome and filling salad. Or warm me up for a scrumptious side dish, perfectly cooked every time. We are organic and packed full of nutrients. Delicious hot or cold, Quinola Mothergrain Express is a gluten free supergrain and makes a lovely change to rice or pasta. Quinoa is a unique source of vegetable protein. With its slow releasing carbohydrates, its light and satisfying texture will delight you.
83% Organic Pearl Quinoa, 15% Organic Red Quinoa, 1.6% Organic Sunflower Oil, 0.4% Sea Salt, Quinoa: traded in compliance with Fairtrade Standards, total 98%