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Katie Shanahan Testimonial


Assistant Manager,

Centra, Borrisoleigh Tipperary.

I started working in Centra on a part-time basis when I was in school, mainly on Saturdays and Sundays. I worked on the checkouts, stacking shelves and general cleaning duties throughout the shop.  During this time, I learnt how to operate the tills, how to manage money and the importance of customer care.

I did not have a clear plan of what career path I wanted to follow.  I completed my Leaving Cert and decided to attend Pembrooke Beauty College in Limerick, where I qualified as a Beauty and Body Therapist after one year.  I continued to work evening shifts in the shop.  Once I graduated I got a job in a salon in Kilkenny where I worked for about six months.  Then, realising I did not want to work full time in the beauty industry, I came back to Centra.

On my return I trained as and took the position of office admin where my responsibilities included running the cash office, putting together the rosters and maintaining of pricing throughout the store. I also worked on payroll, invoicing and accounts.  While doing this I continued to do shifts on the checkout.
Then after one year, the opportunity arose to start studying for the Business Higher Certificate in Retail Management in TU Dublin.  Here I gained a clearer perspective on many different areas of retail management, such as customer relationship management, professional development and management theory and practice.  After that two-year course I received my Diploma in Higher Certificate in Retail Management.  I then went on to complete an ordinary level Degree in Retail Management.  This helped me to gain more knowledge and confidence and I now feel I have more opportunities to branch off in different directions in retail.

I am looking forward to progressing further and learning more about management in Centra!