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Sourcing for Good

Centra is a proud supporter of local & Irish. For every €1 spent on Irish goods, €5 comes back to the Irish economy. We are the committed to supporting the Irish Food industry and work with 1,800 Irish suppliers.

Frank & Honest

At Frank and Honest, we are on a sustainability journey to earn our halo, because frankly, we do give a damn. We are Guaranteed Irish, supporting sustainable local jobs and communities across Ireland, and our house blend coffee is 100% Rainforest Alliance certified, ensuring long term sector sustainability which improves farmer livelihoods and the health and well-being of communities, while protecting natural resources and landscapes. 

Our Frank and Honest cups and lids are 100% certified compostable and go in your food waste bin. The cups are manufactured in Ireland by Cup Print in Co. Clare and are made using annually renewable plant-based liner and recycled paper.  On top of this, we offer a 20-cent discount in select Centra stores when you bring your own reusable cup.

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Guaranteed Irish

Centra and Guaranteed Irish have joined forces to promote Irish products, services and businesses. Guaranteed Irish is a nationwide initiative that supports the promotion of Irish goods, services and businesses. Together, we are committed to helping build a more sustainable Irish economy by supporting local businesses, creating jobs and investing in communities. We work with a range of partners to provide a platform for Irish businesses to showcase their products, services and achievements. The partnership also provides customers with easy access to a wide range of Irish-made products and services.

Guaranteed Irish

Bord Bia

100% of Centra’s branded meat, including beef, lamb, pork, bacon, chicken & eggs are Bord Bia approved and born, bred, and reared in Ireland. Centra’s own brand milk range is 100% Irish, sourced from creameries throughout the Republic of Ireland.

Bord Bia

Local Irish Suppliers

As part of our ambition to make a difference we are proud to support local & Irish suppliers who, like us, are taking steps to be more sustainable. Like Ballymaguire Foods, who create some of Centra’s range of delicious meals, source ingredients locally and are powered by wind turbines. Ed Spellman shared their Sustainability Story.

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