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4 Ways To Make Your Commute More Mindful

4 Ways To Make Your Commute More Mindful

1 year ago

4 Ways To Make Your Commute More Mindful

Many of us spend a good amount of time each day commuting to and from work. This commute time adds up and where we direct our energy in that time can have a profound impact on our day.

A morning commute that is stressful, overwhelming and panicked is undoubtedly going to carry over into the work day, while the same is true of an evening commute which may carry home into your family life or social life.

Taking control of where our attention and energy goes while commuting is essential in bringing about more happiness and productivity. Here are a few simple tips.

1. Meditate or take some conscious breaths
If you take the bus or train to work you might want to use 5-10 minutes of this time to simply breath or meditate. Try box breathing, inhale through your nose for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds and hold again for 4 seconds. This quickly sends a message to your body that you are calm and in control. Simply close your eyes, place your hand on your belly and focus on deep breaths filling your belly; become aware of your breath as it enters and leaves the body. If you want to go a step further use a meditation app like Calm or Headspace. These 5-10 minute practices can help you become more responsive and less reactive in your day to day thoughts, words and actions.

2. Read a good book

Read a book

It's essential that we are conscious of the information we are taking in and one great way of controlling the input is to choose what we consume rather than passively taking in external negative news from social media, radio or other media sources. Immerse yourself in a book that you enjoy, something that provides education, inspiration or entertainment.

3. Journal


We live in a busy world...Lots of noise, lots of distraction and lots of looking outward. Journaling can be a great way to get some of that noise out of your head. It might be a list of things you'd like to achieve in the day or a list of things you are grateful for. It could be getting your feelings on paper or just writing down some ideas, plans or goals. There's no set way to journal, just see it as time to have a 'conversation with yourself'.

4. Listen to Podcasts/Audiobooks

Listen to podcasts or audio books

If you drive to work the above tips won't be an option so audiobooks or podcasts can be great alternative. The renowned self-help teacher Jim Rohn encouraged people to turn their car in to a 'mobile classroom'. You can do the same. Download audiobooks or podcasts that relate to your line of work or your passions and interests.

We have choices every day as to how we spend our time. Why not spend your commute upgrading your skillsets and mindsets with information and ideas that inspire, educate and entertain you!


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