West Cork Single Malt Irish Whiskey 700ml
West Cork Dha Chasca (Two Casks) is a limited release of single malt Irish whiskey matured in Bodega Sherry casks & finished in double charred first fill Bourbon casks West Cork Dhá Chasca (Two Casks) is a unique and challenging single malt Irish whiskey. Pot distilled single malt new make whiskey is placed in Bodega Sherry casks and allowed to patiently mature for the requisite period of time. The single malt whiskey is then cut to 40% abv with naturally soft water and placed in double charred first fill Bourbon casks. The double charring process allows West Cork Distillers to produce a unique whiskey with accentuated vanilla, sweet caramel and honey attributes. These unique attributes from resting in double charred casks delicately complement the initial maturation in Bodega Sherry casks such as dried berries, green fruit and rich tannins.