Tropicana Multivitamin Fruit Juice 850ml

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- Delicious Tropicana Multivitamins Juice is made with pressed fruit juice - Not from concentrate, Tropicana contains only pure juices and purees - Each 150ml serving is a source of vitamins A, E, C B1, B2 and B6 - Just one serving of juice provides 1 of your 5 daily portions of fruit and veg - Rise and shine with a glass of Tropicana at breakfast
Juices and Purees of Apple (33%), Orange (27%), White Grape (14%), Pineapple (7%), Apricot (4%), Passion Fruit (3.9%), Banana (2.7%), Peach (2.4%), Mango (2%), Pear, Guava and Lemon, Vitamin A, C, Thiamine, Riboflavin, B6 and E