The Laughing Cow Dip & Crunch Original Cheese Spread & Breadsticks 4 x 35g (140g)
Delicious cheese spread combined with small and perfectly-formed breadsticks make my Laughing Cow Dip & Crunch a real crowd-pleaser: the tastiest snack when the hunger pangs hit, all for 100 calories 4 individually-sealed tubs make this an easy, portable, super-tasty snack for mid-morning munchies or for that afternoon lull. In a hurry? Pop a pack into your handbag or your lunchbox for when you're out and about and you won't regret it. Add a drink too, to keep you hydrated - ideally some water or something light. And naturally it's a good source of calcium, it contains no artificial flavours and no added colours or preservatives and it's fine to eat if you're pregnant. Pop a pack of my Laughing Cow Dip & Crunch in your trolley today!
Cheese Spread (71.4%): Skimmed Milk (Water, Skimmed Milk Powder), Cheeses, Butter, Emulsifying Salts: Sodium Polyphosphates, Calcium Phosphates, Citric Acid, Sodium Diphosphates, Milk Proteins, Breadsticks (28.6%): Soft Wheat Flour, Sunflower Oil, Barley Malt, Salt, Yeast