The Happy Pear Dave's Cocoa Crunch 350g
Dave's Cocoa Granola Being identical twins, we have always been super-competitive (we came out competing for love and attention!). Breakfast has always been our favourite meal of the day. A friend used to call us 'cereal killers' as we could put away a full box of cereal in one sitting! Granola is something we love and we both think we make the best granola!! When he was a kid, Dave always wanted to eat chocolate-tasting cereals for breakfast but mom (thankfully!) wouldn't let him! So, to honour his inner child he created this crunchy cocoa granola! It's really yummy and turns the milk chocolatey too!
Oats (45%), Date Syrup, Sunflower Oil, Puffed Brown Rice (4.5%), Sunflower Seeds (4%), Desiccated Coconut, Rice Flour, Cocoa Powder (1.4%), Salt