Quinola Mothergrain Fairtrade Pearl Quinoa The Smooth One 500g
Pearl Quinoa: the delicately nutty classic quinoa. This 'dulce' variety has an extra smooth taste. Super versatile, our Organic and Gluten Free quinoa is stuffed full of goodness. Quinoa is a unique vegetable protein. With its slow releasing carbohydrates, its light and satisfying texture will delight you. Quinola: Our name for Peru's finest and tastiest quinoa. Grown at nearly 4000 m in the Andes by smallhold farmers near the shores of Lake Titicaca under Fairtrade terms. Food of the Gods: Quinoa was the sacred mothergrain of the Incas, a gift from the gods. Suppressed by the Spanish conquistadores this supergrain is now being rediscovered. Pear Quinoa contains 100% more protein and 400% more fibre than white long grain rice. Iron contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
Organic Pearl Quinoa