Quinola Mothergrain Express Quinoa Spicy Mexican 250g
Spicy Mexican: A tasty mix of quinoa, adzuki beans and sweetcorn with spices. Quick and easy, this wholesome and natural mix is full of flavour. Can be eaten as a side or as a meal in its own right. We are packed full of nutrients. Delicious hot or cold, Quinola Mothergrain Express is gluten free and makes a lovely change from rice or pasta. Quinoa is a unique source of vegetable protein, and with its slow releasing carbohydrates, its light and satisfying texture will delight you. Quinoa has 100% more protein and 400% more fibre than white long grain rice. Source of protein. Protein contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass.
67% Organic White Quinoa, 16% Organic Tomato, 13% Organic Vegetables (Sweetcorn, Adzuki Beans, Red Peppers), Natural Flavourings, *Sunflower Oil, *Corn Starch, *Onion Powder, *Garlic Powder, Salt, *Cayenne Hot Pepper, *Turmeric, *Organic