Quinola Mothergrain Fairtrade Black Quinoa The Crunchy One 400g
Black Quinoa: the rarest of quinoas. Add some extra crunch and a visual feast to your dishes. Super versatile, our Organic and Gluten Free quinoa is stuffed full of goodness. Quinoa is a unique vegetable protein. With its slow releasing carbohydrates, its light and satisfying texture will delight you. Quinola: Our name for Peru's finest and tastiest quinoa. Grown at nearly 4000m in the Andes by smallhold farmers near the shores of Lake Titicaca under fair trade terms. Food of the Gods: Quinoa was the sacred mothergrain of the Incas, a gift from the gods. Suppressed by the Spanish conquistadores this supergrain is now being rediscovered. Black Quinoa contains 100% more protein and 90% more fibre than white long grain rice. Iron contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
Organic Black Quinoa