Babybel Mini Original Natural Cheese Snacks 6 x 20g (120g)

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Our Mini Babybel® promise is to provide you with nutritious, delicious and natural cheese snacks, bringing a smile to your lips when the hunger pangs hit - whether that's at work or at school, at home or on-the-go. And did you know? Mini Babybel® Original is: - Suitable for vegetarians - its 100% real cheese - Fine to eat whilst you're pregnant - it's made from pasteurized milk - Lactose free Why not roll a net of Mini Babybel® Original - the red one - into your trolley today? And now for a cheesy joke: Did you hear about the cheese which failed to medal at the Olympics? A: It fell at the final curdle! Babybel, Babybel Original, Babybel Cheese, Mini Babybel, Cheese, Snacks, Natural Cheese, Cheese Singles
Natural Cheese made from Pasteurised Milk