innocent smoothie gorgeous greens fruit & veg 250ml
This innocent smoothie is a blend of crushed fruit and vegetables, pure juices, safflower and spirulina extract. No concentrates, no added sugar or water. - 250ml = 2 portions of fruit and veg - pure fruit and veg smoothie - is a source of vitamin C* *which contributes towards the normal function of the immune system. Enjoy as part of a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. Our innocent promise: 1. Tasty healthy products - 100% pure fruit smoothies. No added sugar. No concentrates. No funny business. This smoothie is a great source of vitamin C. 2. Sourced sustainably - we use recycled & recyclable packaging, refuse to air freight and source ethically. 3. 10% of profits go to charity - find out more at innocent drinks. Tastes good, does good.
1 Pressed Apple (49%), 1/3 of a Crushed Pear (29%), A Slice of Crushed Peach, A Dash of Crushed Courgette, Some Squeezed Orange, Some Crushed Spinach (1.6%), Some Crushed Kale (1.6%), A Squeeze of Lemon, A Splash of Safflower, And Spirulina Extract (0.4%) , And a Splash of Baobab Extract (0.02%)