Glade Air & Fabrics Blackberry 275ml
Eliminate odours at the source and fragrance your home with Glade Air & Fabrics Blackberry. Perfect for freshening the air in any room, this handy aerosol can be also used on colourfast fabrics such as sofas, curtains, clothing, gym bags, shoes, and even the interior of your car. The sweet, fruity Blackberry fragrance will transform your home with deep and warming aromas. The unique formula not only eliminates odours without masking, but leaves your home richly scented - all at the push of a button! To give your home a burst of fragrance and remove stubborn odours at the source, hold the can upright and 30 cm away from the area you want to spray. Pull the trigger back and spray in a sweeping motion. It's the perfect solution for ridding your home from the unpleasant odours of smoke, mould and mildew, as well as lingering smells from pets and food. If using on fabrics, allow to air dry first.