Domestos Power Fresh Ocean Fresh 700ml
Try Domestos Power Fresh Ocean Toilet Gel for a hygienically clean and fresh toilet! Its special formulation kills germs and cleans and freshens your toilet bowl with an invigorating ocean scent. This 700ml bottle of Domestos Power Fresh Toilet Gel will tackle any task, big or small, with ease. Domestos Power Fresh Ocean Toilet Gel has an innovative multi-jet nozzle, with 7 holes, that allows its unique formula to kill germs and destroy tough dirt and limescale even in the hardest-to-reach places. Its unique and thick toilet gel formulation also creates a protective shield for in-between flushes so you get protection flush after flush. For complete toilet hygiene, attach a Domestos Power 5 Rim Block to your toilet bowl. Domestos Toilet Cleaner and Domestos Toilet Block are the perfect combination for a germ-free, fresh and clean toilet! How to use Domestos Toilet Cleaner: Unscrew the cap and squirt the gel evenly under the rim. Leave to work, flush, and use the brush afterwards if necessary. For optimal results against strong deposits and dirt, leave to work at least 30 minutes. Please note: Do not put contents into any other bottle. Only use in the toilet. Please ensure packaging is completely empty before disposal. Domestos have been protecting families against germs since 1929. Today, Domestos continues to protect millions of families with its full range of cleaning products, including thick bleach and bleach sprays, which can be used as a multi-purpose cleaner all around your home, as a bathroom cleaner, or even as a drain cleaner. Toilet wipes, toilet rim block, and sink and pipe unblocker products are also available to keep your home hygienic. Domestos doesn't just protect families at home though – they fight poor sanitation globally too. They've helped more than 10 million people gain access to a clean and safe toilet, and thousands of children have benefited from clean water and toilet facilities in their schools, helping improve attendance and educational achievement. Support their work and help to empower millions of families to have clean and safe toilets. Visit to find out more.
Disinfectant: Hydrogen peroxide 2g per 100g; < 5% Non-ionic surfactants, Oxygen based bleaching agent, Perfume