Cow & Gate Bursting Apple, Banana & Berries from 4-6m Onwards 125g
At Cow & Gate, we're passionate about helping little ones learn to love good food. In our delicious range of jars, we use over 27 different fruits and vegetables, plus a variety of tastes & textures, so there's plenty for your baby to explore. This Bursting Apple, Banana & Berries recipe is made with our highest quality ingredients sourced directly from the farmers we know & trust. What's more, it's - free from artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives - free from added sugar - a texture that is tailored for your baby's age Cow & Gate, feeding babies for over 100 years.
Apple (70%), Banana (15%), Blueberry (7%), Raspberry (5%), Rice Flour, Fruit Juices from Concentrate (Aronia, Lemon), Vitamin C