Leg Workout

Start with a 5 minute Warm Up

Squats: 40 seconds of squats. 20 seconds rest. Repeat 5 times.

Hip Bridge: 30 seconds of hip bridges. 30 seconds rest. Repeat 5 times.

Alternate Lunges: 40 seconds of alternate lunges (every second leg). 20 seconds rest. Repeat 5 times. 

High Knees: 30 seconds of high knees. 30 seconds rest. Repeat 5 times. 

End with a 5 minute Cool Down


Make it harder – Replace Squats with Jump Squats or add a kettlebell or dumbbells to the regular squat movement. Replace Hip Bridge with Single Leg Hip Bridge. For Lunges add light dumbbells in hand.


Exercise Instructions

High Knees

Run on the spot and try to get your knees up to hip height. Go at a pace comfortable for you. If you have any knee or ankle issues you can march in a slow and controlled fashion.

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Alternate Lunge 

Start with feet side by side. Take a big step forward with your left leg and bend that leg so that you drop your back knee toward the floor keeping shoulders back and chest proud. Push off the front heel to return to the start position. Repeat off the opposite leg.

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Feet shoulder width apart, sit back ideally until your hips are as low as your knees. Keep a proud chest throughout and look forward pushing into your heels to return to standing. If you can't get hips as low as your knees just do your best with it and focus on small improvements each time you train.

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Hip Bridge 

Start by lying on your back and putting your feet on the floor so that your knees are bent. With palms facing the ceiling push your heels into the ground elevating your hips. Squeeze your glutes and lower in a slow and controlled fashion.

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