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Inspired by Centra Salad Bowls

Healthy lunch on-the-go! Choose between our delicious salad bowls; Torn Ham, Egg and Coleslaw; Parmesan Chicken Caesar Bowl; Supergrain Chicken & Beet Bowl; Green Goddess (Plant-based Option) and The Gym Bowl

Centra IBC Salads The Torn Ham Egg Slaw Bowl  1080x1350

Torn Ham, Egg & Slaw

Delicious pulled Irish ham hock, egg and delicious salads on a bed of rocket & baby leaf.

Centra IBC Salads The Parmesan Chicken Caesar Bowl 1080x1350

Parmesan Chicken Caesar Bowl

Delicious torn chicken breast, egg, streaky bacon and parmesan dressed with a Creamy Caesar Dressing.

Centra IBC Salads The Supergrain Chicken Beet Bowl 1080x1350

Supergrain Chicken & Beet Bowl

Delicious torn chicken breast with a Tangy beetroot & Balsamic salad, minty bulgar, green lentils & multigrain.

Centra IBC Salad  The Green Goddess Bowl 1080x1350

Green Goddess (Plant-based Option)

Plant-based salad with falafel, sweet potato chunks, beetroot humous on a bed of rocket & baby leaf.

Centra IBC Salads The Gym Bowl 1080x1350

The Gym Bowl

Carved Turkey, torn ham with an egg, green lentils & Multigrain, cauliflower cous cous, spicy potato veg crush and seed and goji sprinkle.