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Serves 4

12 min

Pitta Pizzas are ideal for sharing with friends. Get everyone involved by inviting them to choose their own toppings. The more adventurous, the better!


Artichoke Hearts in oil
1 piece 200g jar (drained with two tablespoons of the oil kept aside)
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Centra Lemon
1 piece the juice of half a lemon
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Ground Almonds
30 g
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Parma Ham
4 slice
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Parmesan Cheese
30 g
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Round Pitta Bread
4 piece
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Heat the grill. Put the pittas under the grill for 3 minutes.

Meanwhile, in a food processor, blend the artichoke hearts with the oil from the jar, the almonds, parmesan and lemon until you have a smooth spread.

Take the pitta breads out from under the grill. Cover the side that hasn't been grilled with the artichoke spread and top with the parma ham. Return to the grill for another 4 minutes. When ready, remove and enjoy this Italian inspired treat.

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