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Serves 1

5 min

Festive Tip:

Add a slice of lemon with a few cloves to get that added vitamin C kick.


Boiling Water
1 -
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Centra Honey
1 tbsp
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1 stick
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Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey 70cl
35 millilitre
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Lemon Juice
20 millilitre
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Serve this one in a hot whiskey glass for the perfect winter warmer.

Squeeze a fresh lemon until you have 20ml of juice. Pour the Jack Daniel’s into the glass then add a spoonful of honey, a cinnamon stick and lemon juice.

Top with water that’s just off the boil, making sure you leave your spoon in the glass to prevent it from cracking and stir well. 

Try add a few cloves if your not feeling Christmassy enough yet!

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