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Chicken Wraps with Pesto-Yoghurt Dressing

Chicken wraps 880x400

Serves 2

10 min


Centra Olive Oil
1 tsp or Coconut oil
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Centra Tomato
1 - sliced
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Chicken Breast
2 - skinless - cut into strips
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2 - romaine leaves
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1 tsp leaves
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Centra Basil
1 handful fresh leaves, shredded
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Centra Olive Oil
2 tbsp
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Centra Yogurt
0.5 tub plain
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1 clove peeled
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1 pinch & Pepper
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1 tbsp coarsley chopped
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1. Heat the olive oil in a pan and add the chicken strips and oregano. Cook the chicken thoroughly, and then set aside.

2. Put the walnuts and garlic into the food processor or blender until finely minced. Add the olive oil and pulse several times. Add in the basil, yoghurt, salt and pepper. Pulse until thoroughly mixed.

3. Lay the lettuce leaves flat on a plate. Spread the whole of the leaf with the dressing and then assemble your chicken and tomato slices. Wrap, secure with a toothpick and serve.

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