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Getting you on the way to your 5 a day!

At Centra we are working hard to make choosing healthier options easier including this exclusive opportunity to collect this range of Pyrex storage items and Guzzini citrus juicer and jug blender, perfect to help you prepare and store tasty, fresh and nutritious meals, juices and smoothies!

Start collecting stickers in store from 20th January 2016.

Spend €5 in store to receive one sticker.

Collect 10 stickers and choose your item from this range and take it to the check out with your completed Collector Card.

You have until 19th April 2016 to use your stickers. Plenty of time to collect the whole range!



1. Bake a delicious dish in the oven (remove plastic lid before use in oven)

2. Use the practical plastic lid to cover when storing in the fridge to prevent food smells

3. Stack easily in the freezer and effortlessly find what you are looking for with the clear sides

4. It’s easy to quickly heat up the dish in your microwave too (remove plastic lid before use in microwave)



• 85 watts power

• Makes fresh juice in seconds

• Hygienic stainless steel juice sieve which will not stain like plastic

• One click drip stop spout to stop excess juice


• 550 watts power

• Great for all blending & crushing (including ice)

• 1.5 litre glass heat resistant jug which does not absorb smells or colours and is dishwasher safe

• 2 speeds plus pulse function

• Removable 4 blade stainless steel cutter

• Lid with integrated ingredient cup for easy to add ingredients as you blend

• Dual position of jug in base making it perfect for left or right handed use


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