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                   LOCAL GOES GLOBAL!

               30 of our Centra and Inspired by range products came out tops in this year’s
                                        international Great Taste Awards*.
                                  Check out for the list of our winners.

                  * The world’s largest and most trusted food and drink awards, the Great Taste Awards is judged by a panel of more than 500 esteemed experts,
                     including chefs, buyers, food writers and retailers and is organised by the Guild of Fine Food. It is the world’s largest blind-tasted food
                                           awards and is regarded as the “Oscars” of the food world.

                                                        2 FOR

                                                          MIX ‘N’ MATCH

                                                                                 Centra Fresh Irish Chicken Fillets  Centra Fresh Irish Breaded Chicken
                                                                                       454g - €8.81/kg              Goujons 300g - €13.33/kg
                                                                                      ONLY €4.00                         ONLY €4.00

                               Inspired by Centra Pizza Range
                           530g - 570g, €9.43/kg - €8.77/kg €5.00 each

                                                                                 Centra Fresh Irish Unsmoked Back    Centra Fresh Irish Lamb Loin
                                                                                    Bacon Joint 825g - €4.85/kg     was €21.99/kg now €10.99/kg
                                                                                                                                     VALID 5TH
                                                                                                   VALID 5TH
              Inspired by Centra Seasonal Apples   Inspired by Centra Fresh Irish Angus   ONLY €4.00  11TH SEPTEMBER  HALF PRICE    11TH SEPTEMBER
             3pce only €2.00/Inspired by Centra   Gourmet Beef Burgers 6 Pack
                 Gold Kiwi 3pce only €2.25           852g - €7.04/kg
                    2 FOR €3.00                     ONLY €6.00

                                                                                 Centra Thick Cut Unsmoked/
                                                                                Smoked Rashers 250g - €8.00/kg      Centra Irish Bacon Medallions
                                                                                   (Supplied by Carty Ltd.)          240g - €9.38/kg only €2.25
               Inspired by Centra Sides Range
              240g - 400g, €12.50/kg - €7.50/kg   Inspired by Centra Granola Range   €2.00 EACH                           SAVE 25%
                      €3.00 each            425g - €6.94/kg was €3.95 save €1.00
              (Supplied by Ballymaguire Foods)  (Supplied by Foods Of Athenry)
                   2 FOR €5.00                      €2.95 EACH

                                                                                                                      PARISIENNE LARGE

                                                                                                                        WHITE BAGUETTE
                Inspired by Centra Vintage
              Irish Red/White Cheddar Blocks   Inspired by Centra Soup Range                                                 400g - €2.50/kgg
                                                                                                                             400g - €2.50/k
                 200g  - €9.95/kg was €2.99      400g - €5.63/kg €2.25 each
               ONLY €1.99      SAVE €1.00           2 FOR €4.00                                                              ONLY €1.00

            Valid From Thursday 5th S eptember to Wednesday 18th S eptember unless otherwise stated.                                                                                                 Valid From Thursday 5th S eptember to Wednesday 18th September unless otherwise stated.

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