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Offers on
                                                                                                               this leaflet valid
                                                                                                              ND MAY
                                                                                                             TH MAY

                       VALID 2   8  MAY                                                                unless otherwise stated

                                                  3 FOR

                                                        Mix &

           Inspired by Centra Freshly Pressed Apple/Squeezed Orange
           Juice (Producer: Sunshine Juice Limited) 1ltr €2.99 each, Free
            Range Corn Fed Hen Eggs 6 Pack 348g only €2.00, Irish Pork
         Traditional/Cumberland Sausages 6 Pack 380g €2.69 each, Irish Pork
         Maple Flavour Smoked Streaky Rashers 5 Pack/Cherrywood Smoked
          Dry Cured 6 Pack 200g - 210g €3.19 each (See Instore For Details)

                                                                                DAYS VALID 2ND  5TH MAY

                                                HALF                                                     3 FOR
                                               PRICE                                                   €20

                                                        2ND  8TH
                                                         MAY                                                      Mix &

                  Centra Fresh Irish Sirloin Steak was €16.99/kg
                         now €8.49/kg                                   Rare Vineyards Range 75cl was €12.99 now €9.00 each

           The best of the crop from French vineyards!

                            All offers on this leaflet are valid from Thursday 2nd May to Wednesday 15th May unless otherwise stated. Customer quotas may apply.
                            Available while stocks last in selected stores only. Prices correct at time of going to press. See for more.

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