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Centra Live Well Snacks Range

At Centra we're all about helping our shoppers in any way we can and we know that making the healthier choice is not always the easy one (especially when you're on the go!).

To help we are introducing new products and ranges in our stores as well as highlighting foods with nutritional benefits so we can all achieve a healthier and more balanced diet.  

Check out out Live Well Snack options below.

LiveWell ScrambledEgg

Centra Carrot & Hummus Snack Pot

Try our new Centra Carrott & Hummus Snack pots this snack time.  Dip the baton carrots into the hummus for a delicious and healthy snack which we know you will enjoy.  Priced at only €1.50 per pot, they are great value for the healthy option desired.


Centra Fruit & Vegetable Snacks

A mixture of Fruit & Vegetables in the one snack is a very tasty option at any snack time.  These will certainly help you to get on your way to 5 a day!


Centra Fruit Batons

Batons of Pineapple and other fruits are the perfect way to get fruit into your diet at any time of the day.  These delicious fruit options are sure to get your on your way to 5 a day!


Centra Cashew Nuts

When looking to snack on something at any time of the day, pick up a pack of these Centra Cashew nuts.  High in fibre, a tasty treat and only €1 each, they are perfect at any time of the day!


Centra Mixed Nuts

These Centra Mixed Nuts are a great source of fibre for your diet.  With a price of only €1 each, they have value as well as taste to enjoy this snack time!


Centra Walnuts

Tasty Centra Walnuts are a perfect Health Snack for anytime of the day.  Priced at just €1 each, they have both nutrients, taste and value.