Paper Plate Bunny

By now the school holidays are well and truly underway and if you’ve been searching for some fun Easter activities to keep your brood entertained then look no further.  Easter is the perfect time to indulge their creative side with some arts and crafts.

But if you’re concerned about having to spend a fortune on art supplies or about not being very creative yourself, don’t worry -arts and crafts don’t have to be difficult and they certainly don’t have to cost a fortune.  And to make it really easy for you, Centra have put together a step-by-step guide to making adorable Easter Bunny paper plate baskets made mostly from items you already have in your kitchen.

So go on give them some great Easter memories they’ll cherish forever, here’s how you can make an Easter Bunny paper plate basket in 10 easy steps: 

Step 1: Draw a rounded line across the top of two, stacked paper plates

  • Start off by placing two paper plates on top of each other facing downwards. 
  • Next draw a rounded line across the top of one of the plates, the line should resemble a semi-circle. 

Step 2 : Cut it out

  • Cut out the semi-circle, staying as close to the line as possible. 
  • Make sure to only cut through the outer plate. 

Step 3: Staple the plates together

  • Staple the plates together with the semi-circle plate on top -this will form the base of the basket. 

Step 4: Draw ear shapes and cut out

  • On a third plate draw two bunny ear shapes and cut them out. 
  • Staple them to the top of the plates.

Step 5: Draw smaller ears

  • On a piece of pink paper or card draw two smaller ears and cut them out
  • Staple them to the inside of the larger bunny ears. 

Step 6: Glue on/colour in eyes and a nose 

  • Glue on eyes and a nose- you can pick up moving eyes and items to decorate the face from your local art and crafts shop. 
  • Alternatively you can just draw them in. 

Step 7: Glue on whiskers

  • Pipe cleaners or straws make excellent whiskers, simply bend them in half and glue them on.

Step:8 Design your bunny face

  • Have fun designing your bunny face, cotton wool is great for making eyebrows.
  • You can be as creative as you like.

Step 9: Cut out a handle 

  • Cut out a long strip of pink card to use as a handle for your basket.

Step 10: Staple the card to the back of your bunny

  • Staple the card to the back of your bunny basket to make your handle and you’re done.

And you have the perfect holder to store your eggs during your Easter Egg Hunt