Pom Pom Chicks

You will need:

- Card

- Yellow Wool

- Googly Eyes

- Orange Card or Felt

How to make:

1. Cut two 'doughnut' shaped rings out of card. Place both discs together.

2. Cut a long piece of wool and wrap it round and round the 'doughnut' as shown. Make sure each time you take a new piece of wool that you leave the ends at the top of the circle and not the centre.

3. Once the whole 'doughnut' is covered then carefully snip the edges, in between the two circles of card, as shown. Then take another length of wool and place it in between the two discs and tie the whole pom pom together, pulling it tight and knotting.

4. Add googly eyes and a beak cut from orange felt or card and you have your very own cute pom pom chicks.