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Beef burger with goats cheese, thyme and shallots

Serves 4

15 min

This burger is a little shout out to my french side, with sweet stewed shallots, creamy goats cheese and smokey thyme, it’s perfect for mixing things up in bbq season!


  1. Peel your shallots and slice into fine slices.
  2. Heat a pan over medium heat and melt your butter until it starts to bubble.
  3. Add the shallots and rosemary, cook until caramelised, stirring occasionally. When the shallots are nice and dark, add a splash of red wine vinegar, remove from pan and set aside. Leave any juices in the pan.
  4. Season your patties with thyme, salt and pepper, crank up the heat in the pan and fry up your burgers!
  5. It’s important to assemble your burgers in the right way, salad on the bottom adds a protective layer to stop the juices from the burger destroying the bun. Here’s how to build your burger. Bottom bun, rocket, burger, shallots, spread chèvre on the top bun.
  6. Serve with a nice hoppy IPA from Centra craft beer range and enjoy!

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3 tbsp
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Centra BBQ Beef Burgers
4 -
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Centra Burger Buns
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Centra Rosemary
0.5 tsp
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Goats Cheese
1 pack
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Red Wine Vinegar
1 tsp
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Salad Leaves
4 handful
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Thyme Sprigs
1 tsp chopped
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