Our Bright Centra Range has a whole host of great products suitable for lunch time. Whether your preference is a pre-pack salad or a delicious pasta snack pot, we have something to suit everyone.

Pre packed salad selected range

Centra Pre-pack Salad Selected Range

Are you a Prawn and Soy Noodle Salad person or more of a Chicken and Pine Nut Pasta type, or maybe you might like our Layered Cheese Salad?

Any which way our Centra Pre Pack Salad Salad range are a fresh and convenient lunch time option any day of the week.

Chicken pieces

Centra Chicken Pieces Selected Range

These handy Centra Chicken Pieces are available in four tasty flavours including Piri Piri, Tikka, Sweet Chilli and Lime and Roast Chicken. The perfect lunch time filler, this range taste great and are supplied to your local Centra store by Green Farm Foods.


Baby leaf salad

Centra Baby Leaf Salad 85g

Our Centra Baby Leaf Salad Bag will add a healthy crunch to your lunch. Perfect for creating sumptuous salads or loaded into a sandwich, why not try with our Centra Coleslaw or Potato Salads. See here for some tasty lunch time salads.

Pasta snackpots

Centra Pasta Snack pot Range

Available in three tempting varieties, these 275g pots of taste are the perfect snack. Which one will you go for – Carbonara Pasta, Tomato and Cheese Pasta or Char grilled Chicken? What a delicious choice to have!

Potato salad   coleslaw

Centra Coleslaw/ Potato Salad 225g

A dollop of our Centra Coleslaw or Potato Salad with your sandwich or salad will take your lunch from boring to brilliant! Supplied to Centra stores by Tara Vale, we confident that our salads are great quality and taste simply delicious.

Cheese slices

Centra Cheese Selected Range

The Centra Mature Red Cheddar and White Cheddar slices come in a handy pack for you to store away in the fridge. Full of healthy calcium, these cheeses are great quality and supplied to Centra by Bandon Vale.


YogurtRaspberry featured NPD

Centra Creamy Raspberry Yogurt 4pk

From the heart of the Irish midlands, made with the best of Irish bainne and mixed with juicy berry purees, these creamy Irish yogurts are berry yummy indeed.