Our Bright Centra Range has a whole host of great products suitable for dinner time. Whether your preference is our tempting garlic toasties or gammon steaks with pineapple, we have something to suit everyone.

Gammon steaks

Centra Gammon Steaks with Pineapple 350g

Quick to rustle up and super tasty these Gammon steaks with pineapple are the perfect mix of sweet and savoury. A yummy way to get in one of your five a day and in your local Centra for just €3.


Centra Cheesecake Range

Everyone needs a treat and for dessert today try our delicious cheesecake. Whether strawberry or lemon is your thing we have it covered – with delicious creamy comforting topping and a base with just the right amount of crunch. Mmmm…


Chopped tomatoes tins

Centra Chopped Tinned Tomatoes

Surely the most versatile ingredient in any kitchen cupboard and bursting with antioxidants to boot – chopped tomatoes are something you should never run out of. A real convenience food, and healthy too, perfect for adding zing to your dinner.


Garlic toasties

Centra Garlic Toasties/Baguettes

Whatever you are having for dinner, a Centra Garlic Toasty or Baguette will make a great match. Crunchy and full of garlicky goodness these are delicious straight from the oven and ready in minutes. Pop into your local Centra now for some real flavour!


Thin and Crispy Pizzas 304g – 320g

A thin and crispy pizza topped with Sweet Chilli Chicken, Cheese or Pepperoni. Ready in just 17 minutes and best cooked straight from the freezer, these pizzas are very handy and seriously delicious. The big question is – when’s dinner?



Centra Dried Penne Pasta 1kg

What other foodstuff goes with so many flavours but is so quick and easy to cook? Centra Penne Pasta is made from the best 100% Durum Wheat and is made in Italy - the home of good pasta. 


Centra Cauliflower Carrot Brocolli 550g

We’ve got three of your Five a day covered, right here in one handy pack. Bursting with natural goodness, these vegetables are perfect for any dinner or soup and easy to prepare too. Because you are not buying too much in one go you’re avoiding waste too. Brilliant!

Potatoes bag

Centra Ideal for Tonight Potatoes 850g

The perfect size for tonight’s dinner these potatoes are low in fat and perfect for boiling or making chips. Washed and ready to use the humble spud is perfect for roasting, baking, boiling, gratin, chips or any number of other uses. It’s a good job we have lots of them in your local Centra!

Fish featured NPD

Centra Frozen Salmon with Tex Mex Marinade 260g/ King Prawns in a Thai Marinade

New to Centra is our succulent new fish range each served with their own unique marinade. King Prawns smothered in a Thai Marinade and Salmon served with a Tex Mex Marinade are conveniently cooked in the pouch and are ideal as part of a delicious healthy meal serving guaranteed to delight the taste buds.”