Superquinn Sausages

You will have heard all about it now why not give it a try, the Superquinn award winning sausage is now available instore.

This yummie sausage has been a part of Irish tradition since it was launched in 1979.

The idea for this lip-smacking sausage was born following a trip to Germany in the late 1970’s, when Fergal Quinn decided that he would create the perfect sausage to suit the Irish palate.

Working closely with some top whizz sausage makers Superquinn developed lots of recipes. These were then sampled with customers and they were asked to identify what they liked and didn’t about each of them until the world famous Superquinn sausage was born.

We think they are simply scrumptious and perfect for Bangers and Mash!

SuperquinnSausages 12pk

Superquinn Award Winning Irish Sausages 12pce 492g