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Funky Lunch - Sun Sandwich

Serves 1

0 min

Fun ideas for your kids lunchbox.


  1. Assemble your sandwich using two slices of bread and your favourite fillings we suggest Centra Cheese Slices and Centra Deli Style Ham they are Yummie. Then using a circular cookie cutter cut as big a circle as you can from your sandwich. (If you have a patterned circle cutter then use this instead.)
  2. Using a sharp knife, cut strips of yellow pepper and carrot about 1cm wide.
  3. Carefully trim these strips into wavy shapes ending in a point, so they look like flames.
  4. Tuck the flames into the sandwich all the way around the outside edge, overlapping them as you go.
  5. To create the sunglasses and face features, cut off a thin slice of cucumber skin and shape it to your desired sunglasses size and mouth

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Centra Cheese Slices Range 200g
1 pack
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Centra Cucumber 1pce
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Centra Deli Style Crumbed/ Traditional Ham 100g
1 pack
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Centra Mixed Peppers 500g
1 - use the yellow pepper
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Centra White Sliced Pan 800g
1 Loaf
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