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Funky Lunch - Ice Cream Sandwich

Serves 1

0 min

Fun ideas for your kids lunchbox


  1. Assemble your sandwich using one slice of normal bread and a crust  and your favourite filling  we suggest Centra Cheese Slices and Centra Deli Style Ham as they are Yummie.


  1. Cut your sandwitch into the shape of an ice-cream cone.


  1. Make another sandwich using two slices of bread and with a small cup or cookie cutter, cut two circles from the sandwich.


  1. Using the same sized cutter, cut a circle out of the cheese and a circle out of the ham too.


  1. To assemble your ice-cream, place the ham slice on top of one of the sandwich circles and the cheese slice onto the other sandwich circle. Then position the two circles above the cone-shaped sandwich on your plate.


  1. Finish it off by cutting a slice of cucumber to stick in the top.

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1 pack
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Centra Cucumber 1pce
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Centra Deli Style Crumbed/ Traditional Ham 100g
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Centra White Sliced Pan 800g
1 Loaf Slices and crusts
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