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Funky Lunch - Caterpillar Sandwich

Serves 1

0 min


Centra Cherry Tomato Punnet 250g
1 punnet
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Centra Cucumber 1pce
1 -
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Centra Deli Style Crumbed/ Traditional Ham 100g
1 pack
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Centra Oh So Buttery 500g
1 tsp
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Centra Real Mayonnaise 425ml
1 tsp
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Centra White Sliced Pan 800g
1 Loaf
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  1. Make your sandwich using the bread, Centra Deli Style Ham Mayonnaise/ Oh So Buttery. The thicker you make the sandwich, the longer your caterpillar will appear in length.


  1. Using a small circle cutter or egg cup, about 4cm across, cut as many circles from the sandwich as possible. Start in the corners to get the most from your bread and then arrange each circle of sandwich next to each other on their sides.


  1. Cut 4 slices of cucumber about 5mm thick and then quarter each slice to give you 16 feet segments. Place 8 feet on each side of the body and trim down in size if they are too big.


  1. Slice some cucumber lengthways and make 2 matchstick size pieces for the antennae. Use a cocktail stick to make 2 holes on the top of the tomato and poke the antennae into the holes to hold them upright.


  1. Using the remainder of the sliced cucumber and a small circle cutter, make 2 eyes and a half-moon-shaped mouth and stick these to the tomato face using the cream cheese. Finish off the eyes by sticking on small circles of grape skin.


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