BackToSchoolButterflies Sept 520x400

Back to school butterflies

Serves 2

0 min

Why not mix it up by replacing the contents with some yummy sweet treats like our Centra Chocolate Raisins or Centra Pretzels.


To make the butterfly bag you will need freezer bags, pegs, paint, pipe cleaner and bobbly eyes.

Paint the clothes pegs and leave to dry, glue the bobbly eggs onto the peg Cut the cheese block into 1cm cubes and the carrots into sticks.

Place the grapes into one side of the bag & the carrot sticks into the other side using the peg clamp it down the center and attach the pipe cleaners to the peg

Repeat with the grapes and cheese cubes.

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1 - cut into sticks
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Centra Cheese Blocks 200g
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Centra Red Grapes
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Centra White Grapes
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