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Serves 2

10 min

Add a bit of sophistication to your mid-week meals with this speedy supper! Full of flavour and easy to cook, it's the perfect way to end your day.


Centra Lemon
0.5 piece the juice of 1/2
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Centra Olive Oil
0.5 tbsp
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Chilli Flakes
1 tsp
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Creme Fraiche
1 tbsp heaped table spoon
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Fresh Parsley
1 piece (optional) finely chopped
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1 clove finely diced
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Ready to Eat Prawns
150 g
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150 g
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Put the spaghetti in a saucepan of boiling water over a high heat and cook according to the packet instructions. Spaghetti usually takes around 8 minutes.

Heat the olive oil in a small non-stick frying pan. Fry the prawns, garlic, chilli flakes and lemon juice for 3 minutes. Add the creme fraiche and mix well. The prawns will have released juices which create a beautifully creamy sauce when mixed with the creme fraiche.

Drain the cooked spaghetti, then mix well with the prawns and sauce. Serve with a sprinkling of parsley and an optional glass of white wine for a supper worth shouting about.

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