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Check out to see how our mixologist whips up a refreshing mojito.


You will need a tall glass for this one! 

Cut the lime into wedges and place them in a highball glass. Add the sugar and muddle ingredients together. Add the mint leaves and muddle lightly again.

Throw in half the crushed ice and the Bacardi. Stir it all well to dissolve the sugar. 

Top up with more crushed ice and soda water. Stir well again and garnish
with a fragrant sprig of fresh mint.

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Bacardi Superior Rum
50 millilitre
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Caster Sugar
2 tsp Heaped
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Centra Fresh Mint
12 leaves
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Centra Fresh Mint
1 Sprigs
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Centra Ice Cubes Bag
5 cubes
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Centra Lime
0.5 -
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Soda Water
25 millilitre
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