Frosty Lady

Frosty Lady

Serves 1

0 min

Festive Tip:

No cocktail shaker? Use a travel coffee mug, a metal one is best. Make sure to place your thumb over the lid’s opening before you shake.


You will need a cocktail shaker for this one. Fill your cocktail shaker with ice.

Squeeze a fresh lemon until you have 25ml of lemon juice approximately 1.5 tablespoons and add to the cocktail shaker.

Next add your remaining ingredients, Gordon’s Gin, Cointreau and icing sugar to the cocktail shaker and shake for 30 seconds until cold and well blended.

Strain into a martini glass. 

Garnish with a strawberry.

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Centra Ice Cubes Bag
1 -
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Centra Strawberry Punnet
1 - to garnish
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20 millilitre
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Gordon's Gin 70cl
35 millilitre
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Icing Sugar
1 tsp
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Lemon Juice
25 millilitre
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