DNA Traceback

DNA TraceBack® is a scientific process based on the power of DNA Technology that connects the food you eat with its animal of origin.

In a nut shell, it allows us to be 100% sure and absolutely certain that our Centra Range of rashers, ham, and bacon products are 100% Irish born and bred.

Through harnessing the unique power of DNA, we can trace and confirm the Irish origin of these products. Look for the distinctive TraceBack logo carried on packs.

We know you care about the origin of what you buy so we have taken care of it for you.

We are the ONLY convenience retailer in Ireland to introduce this system across all our rashers, ham, and bacon in all our pre-pack products.

We also provide you with a further guarantee that these products have been born and bred in Ireland, from pigs specifically reared to deliver exceptional quality and taste.

So when we are asked about bringing home the bacon we are happy to say that it comes from home already….

Mix & Match Fruit & Veg

Centra Fresh Fruit & Veg

Centra Fresh Fruit & Veg

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