Top Steak Tips

When it comes to Steak, everyone has their favourite.  As we stock the highest quality steak at Centra, we have put together our Top Steak Tips so you get the most from your meat.

Steak Tip 1

Ask your Centra Butcher

Our butchers love to help you select the best cuts and give you all the tips and hints you need.


Steak Tip 2

Dip, don't brush

Dipping steaks in oil works better than brushing with oil, because it doesn't rub off the seasoning.


Steak Tip 3

Keep it simple

The only seasoning you need for a perfect steak is coarsely ground black pepper and a sprinkle of salt.


Steak Tip 4

The hotter the better

Whether cooking your steak on a grill or flat-bottomed cast-iron pan, high heat helps develop a flavourful browned exterior.


Steak Tip 5

Make it marbled

The best steaks for grilling are perfectly marbled such as striploin steak.  Marbling enhances flavour and keeps the meat juicy.


Steak Tip 6

Minute steak for kids

The quick way to cook steak for kids, it's nutritious and a clever way to get iron and protein into their diet.


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