When it comes to our beef we take great pride in providing the best quality Irish beef for you to enjoy.

Seriously Tasty Irish Beef

Over the past two years we have been working to make our Beef taste even better.  Our new processing method with our 21 day maturation means you can now enjoy this new and improved taste.

Our Delicious Irish Beef

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Meet our Beef Farmer: James is the third generation of Goughs, one of our proud Irish Beef farming families.

James Gough

A few little hints on how we get the great tasting beef...




1. We start with where it comes from, our cattle graze on lush green Irish fields and are reared by the best Irish farmers.  All Centra beef comes with a 100% quality guarantee.


2. Our beef is matured in a minimum of 21 days to ensure optimum flavour and tenderness.


Just in case you didn't know what cut comes from where on the cow we've made this simple diagram to help explain where each cut comes from.

Wheres the beef?

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