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New & Improved Bakery Range

Brioche buns

Brioche buns 4 pack / Brioche buns 8 pack sliders

Enriched burger buns, with high egg and butter content giving it a rich and tender crumb.


Seeded Sourdough

Artisan sourdough bread made using authentic French stone milled wheat and rye flour, and fermented for 72 hours with natural yeast and added kibbled wheat, sunflower and linseeds.

Rustic Demi Baguette

Rustic Demi Baguettes 

Made from an authentic recipe from the French Pyrenees. Baked directly our oven stone floor to give a genuine sourdough texture.

Poppy Vienna Loaf

Poppy Vienna Loaf 

This traditional classic white crusty loaf is topped with poppy seeds and comes fresh from the oven everyday.                      


Focaccia Bread With Cherry Tomatoes

A golden focaccia bread topped with cherry tomatoes & oregano. Hot from the oven everyday.

Hi fibre seed and carrot bread

Hi Fibre Seed & Carrot Bread

This crusty cob is packed with delicious and wholesome seeds, multi-grain fibre and real carrot.

Seans Brown Soda

Sean's Brown Soda 

Using Sean's famous original recipe this wheaten loaf is made with traditional Irish buttermilk. Hot from the oven everyday.

White Crusty Rolls

White Batch Crusty Rolls

This batch crusty roll has a soft inner texture and is ideal for lunches. Hot from the oven every morning.

Sultana Scone

Sultana Scone

New & improved recipe these crumbly fruit scone is made in the traditional way with real butter & sultanas, it's also free from artificial colours & flavours.

Chocolate Muffin

Chocolate Brownie 

A delectably moist chocolate ganache muffin made with cream & real dark Belgian chocolate chunks.

Mixed Berry Granola Muffin

Mixed Berry & Granola Muffin

A delightfully moist vanilla muffin made with granola, redcurrants, blackberries, raspberries & natural yoghurt.

Lemon and Poppy seed loaf

Lemon & Poppy Seed Loaf

Mouth-wateringly delicious, this glazed lemon & poppy seed loaf is made with real butter & lemon zest.