Win Wireless Beats Headphones with Red Bull


Red Bull Sugarfree gives you wings while balancing a busy day between work and gym or during fun nights out with your friends. Whenever you are in need of a boost. It’s a functional beverage with only 3 calories per 100ml. Red Bull Sugarfree Editions provide the same effect as Red Bull but with no sugar, and will join the current Red Bull Sugarfree Range of Red Bull Sugrafree 250ml and Red Bull Sugarfree 355ml.

• Red Bull Tropical Edition Sugarfree – the taste of Tropical Fruits

• Red Bull Orange Edition Sugarfree – the taste of Orange

To celebrate the launch of Sugarfree Tropical and Sugarfree Orange in Centra, Red Bull are giving you the chance to win Wireless Beats Headphones.

For your chance to win, just answer the question below:

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