1. How do I Sign-In?
    When you first install the Centra App, you will be asked to Sign-In. If this is your first time installing the Centra App, you can create a new account. If you have already registered with Centra App or Centra.ie you can login with those details.
  2. Can I receive Vouchers without creating an account?
    No. If you have installed the Centra App and do not create an account, you will not be eligible for Centra vouchers.
  3. Where can I see my vouchers?
    Vouchers can be seen in the ‘Offers & Vouchers’ section at the bottom of the screen. This screen defaults to the ‘Offers’ section which shows current offers in Centra. You can view your vouchers by clicking on ‘Vouchers’. If you are not logged into the App, you will be prompted to login to view your vouchers.
  4. How do I redeem my vouchers?
    Go to ‘Offers & Vouchers’ and click on ‘Vouchers’. In the ‘All’ tab you will see all vouchers that are available, that have redeemed and that have expired. To redeem a voucher, click on the grey tick next to the ‘Valid To’ date. You can then click on the ‘Redeem’ button. This will move the voucher to the Redeemed tab and will display a 9-digit code.
  5. How can I refresh my vouchers?
    You can view refresh your vouchers by clicking on the ‘Vouchers’ tab.
  6. How do I spend my voucher?
    Once you have redeemed your voucher as in FAQ 4, you can use the 9-digit code when in a Centra shop to spend the voucher. The till operator will manually key the 9-digit code on the till to spend the voucher.
  7. What happens when I spend my voucher in Centra?
    Once you have spent your voucher in store, the voucher will be greyed out and will appear as ‘Spent DD/MM/YYY’ in the Redeemed tab.
  8. What is the ‘Expiring Soon’ tab?
    This shows you all vouchers which have not been redeemed yet which are expiring in the next 7 days.
  9. What happens to Expired vouchers?
    This will be greyed-out and show as ‘Expired’ in the All tab.
  10. How are the vouchers sorted?
    Vouchers are sorted by ‘Vaild To’ date with the nearest date first.
  11. How can I change my account details?
    Clicking on the ‘More’ option will bring you to a new page. ‘My account’ is listed in this page. In here you can have the following options:
    • ‘Link Account’ – link your account to your social network accounts
    • ‘Edit contact preferences’ – edit how you want to be contacted i.e. SMS, Email, Post,   Mobile App and Third Party Sharing Consent.
    • ‘Change Password’ – allows you to change your password
    • ‘Deactivate account’ – allows you to deactivate your account
    • ‘Account info’ – allows you to edit your account info
  12. Where is the Privacy Statement and Terms & Conditions?
    These are located in the ‘More section’ in the section ‘About this App’