Posted on Monday 17 August 2015 by Centra

Centra Brightens up Back to School with Great Offers and Expert Tips

Research shows 54% of Irish mums make the school lunches


17th August 2015: It’s that time of year again. Nights are getting darker, temperatures are dropping and we are getting back to the old school routine. Fear not, your local Centra store is here to brighten up the back to school frenzy with great offers for time-pressed parents whatever the time of day.

Time to shop and prepare interesting and healthy meals for school lunches can be stressful but your local Centra store is making it easier for you with great offers and healthy alternatives as part of its new Live Well range. This also includes a partnership with consultant dietician Sarah Keogh who has provided advice on healthy choices. Interestingly Centra found that the school lunch is still dominated by Irish mums with over half of them (54%) making it daily. Irish dads are slower to take out the bread knife with only 24% of them making the packed lunch while 11% of school-goers make their own lunch.

Sarah Keogh has outlined her choices from Centra’s range below which ensures healthy and nutritious meals right throughout the day:

Breakfast: This is a great time to get some good nutrition into kids ensuring they are set up for the day! Avoid any stress and wasting time before the school runs in the mornings by getting everything ready the night before. Children don’t need as much as you might think, for example a 200ml measure for cereal is all they need.

  • Centra Porridge Oats (1kg) - €1.50
  • Centra Special Flakes 500g - €2.50
  • Centra Scrambled Egg Pot - €2.00

Lunch: Filling the lunch box every day can be a difficult task however Centra’s convenient options make this job a little bit easier for parents nationwide. It doesn’t matter if your children eat the same lunch every day, as long as it is nutritious and includes; whoelgrain, fruit or veg, protein and a drink, ideally milk or water. Children don’t need any treats for lunch so try and break this habit and don’t worry about fancy sandwiches, children often like fairly plain food!

  • Centra Roast Chicken Pieces – 2 for €4
  • Centra Carrot & Celery/Carrot & Hummus Pot - €1.50
  • Centra Fruit Salad - €2.00
  • Centra Salted/Unsalted Rice Cakes - €1.19 each

Centra has introduced a special lunch pack offer to make preparation that little bit easier – 2ltr lunchbox and 460ml bottle for €5.

Dinner: Parents don’t need to cook separate meals for their children; they can eat exactly the same as adults, just a smaller portion. For example children only need one potato about the size of their fist or three dessert spoons of rice or pasta. Dinners for children should include protein, vegetables, carbs and a drink – vegetables should make up at least a third of the dinner plate.

  • Centra Stir Fry Meal deal – two for €6
    • Includes one meat or fish and one veg

Make sure to check out where you can see all the latest back to school offers and get inspiration on creating the perfect meal or snack with tips from Sarah Keogh. 

Offers are available in participating stores nationwide from Thursday 20th August until Wednesday 2nd September.